September 19, 2016

ICD-10 Grace Period Ends

ICD-10's one-year anniversary is around the corner and so is the end of CMS's first year grace period.  We expect CMS to start taking a closer look at diagnosis coding patterns, particularly the use of the unspecified codes.  This next year, CMS is adding over 1,900 codes, revising 400 codes, and deleting more that 300 codes.  To avoid denials and unanticipated cash flow issues, take time to review the 2017 ICD-10-CM information listed on CMS's website:, become knowledgeable of the updates to your specific specialty, and take steps to educate your staff and providers.  We also suggest reviewing the following article from the ICD10 Monitor with a synopsis of the changes,  The key to success is preparation and communication between your providers, coders, and billing.

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