July 19, 2017

Proposed 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

The proposed 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule includes 11 specialty groups tapped too receive additional payments for their services.  Among the specialties slated for an increase are clinical social workers with a 3% increase, followed by clinical psychologists with a 2% increase.  Several other specialties would receive a 1% increase, such as physcial/occupational therapy, geriatrics, hand surgery, psychiatry, podiatry, physical medicine, radiation oncology and radiation therapy centers, chiropractors, and infectious disease.  The biggest hit would be for diagnostic testing facilities with a proposed 6% cut, followed by allergy and immunology with a 3% cut.  The majority of specialties would either remain constant or receive a reduction.  The final rule is expected to be released in early November.  CMS has published a Fact Sheet of the proposed physician fee schedule that provides more details.  

Source: CMS proposed 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule.

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