Why Puredi

About Us

PUREDI is all about growing financially successful businesses. PUREDI is intelligent, web-based software and services with one main goal:  to see you succeed. 

The business of medicine is difficult; we make it easier.  Navigating through a myriad of regulations presents more challenges today than ever before.  Staying ahead of the game is our expertise.  We offer a customized financial management software system and full revenue cycle management services.  Our mission is to become your trusted partner in securing the financial rewards your hard work deserves.

Our Technology

Revenue cycle management systems are not created equal.  Your business deserves sophisticated tools to ensure every step of the revenue cycle is working for you, not creating barriers. 

We designed PUREDI to efficiently manage large amounts of data, to streamline processes and drive the critical information to you through PUREDI’s rules-based workflow dashboard.  PUREDI’s platform is the differentiator, allowing complete customizable applications to fit your practice specialty and needs.

We’ve partnered with the very best solutions in our industry to provide fully integrated clearinghouse functionality, the most comprehensive code scrubbing tools, and a patient portal to give your patients easy options to manage making payments to you.


Our name says it all…pure EDI.  Today’s healthcare environment is all about electronic data interchange.  PUREDI encourages connectivity, giving you the freedom to connect to the information you need.  We are acutely aware of the need to share health information, of connecting EHR clinical data to critical financial data, of connecting patients to easier options to manage their bills.

PUREDI’s sophisticated platform technology is designed to meet the health information exchange needs of any healthcare entity, large or small.  Your choices are abundant when you partner with a company that says Yes to your requests.  At PUREDI, our motto is Yes, we can do that!

EHR Flexibility

We know that you are the expert in your selection of an EHR; we don’t want to change that.  We also know how much time and money you’ve invested in making your EHR selection.   PUREDI offers free interfaces with your EHR enabling you to have the best of both worlds – your clinical data the way you like it coupled with our financial management system to secure the highest return for your hard work.  At PUREDI our passion is making sure you have access to the most efficient, modern and cost effective tools in managing the ‘business’ of your practice.

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